Darts General Playing Rules

    1. The dartboard should be set up or fastened so that the center of the bullseye is exactly 5 Ft 8 Inches or 1.73 meters high.
    2. The minimum throwing distance can only be 7 Ft 9 ΒΌ Inches or 2.37 meters from the face of the board, when measured horizontally.
    3. The toe-line, throwing line or oche shall be clearly marked and be at least 18 inches or 45.72 centimeters long.
    4. Order of starting shall be determined by throwing closest to the bull with one dart. The winner shall throw first in the first leg, and in odd alternate legs. The loser shall throw first in the second leg and if applicable in alternate even legs thereafter.
    5. Any darts may be used.
    6. A throw consists of three darts except where a game is finished in less.
    7. Darts cannot be re-thrown, and only darts sticking in the board count to your score.
    8. On request, a player may be told what number he has scored, or what number he requires for the game by the score announcer, but not how to get it.
    9. If the number required for game is exceeded in the course of a throw, the throw ceases, and no account is taken of the score obtained during that throw.
    10. 10. The inner bull(50) counts double of the outer bull(25).