Changing your gas

IMG_6734  Turn off in-line isolation switch
 IMG_6735 Turn off the gas bottle
 IMG_6736  Remove the gas connector using the correct size spanner
 2014-01-09 12.59.12 Unchain old gas bottle and store laid down and chocked ideally up against a wall
 2014-01-09 12.59.19 Place new bottle ensuring it is correct gas mix and chain in place
IMG_6737 Check for any damage on the gas connector and replace damaged washers, etc if need be.
 IMG_6736  Reconnect the gas line to bottle ensuring it is not cross threaded and then tighten with spanner
 IMG_6735 Slowly turn on the gas at bottletop make sure the connector is facing away from you and you have a good grip on bottle
 If gas starts to escape turn off quickly and repeat from stage six
 IMG_6734  Once gas is on at bottle and no leaks turn on in line isolation switch and allow system to fully pressurise before serving