Your glassware could be the most important thing to get right when running your business. Customers will drink with there eyes and using incorrect glasses, dirty looking glasses or serving drinks that appear flat will instantly put an idea in the customers mind about the premises regardless of whats around them.

It still makes me laugh when people say the gas has gone when they receive a flat pint and complain if they do get a flat pint but it is something that should not happen in the first place.

  • You should always use the correct branded glassware where possible.
  • Glasses should be bright and clean from fingermarks and lipstick marks.
  • They should nucleate properly when the product is poured and should continue to throughout the time of consumption.

There are simple ways to help this to happen.

Glasses should be put through a renovate cycle before first use and every 8 weeks as part of your cleaning rota, if glasses fail to nucleate on pouring, the pint loses head after serving or bubbles appear to stick to the side of the glass within the drink itself  then you need to renovate your glassware.

If glassware appears cloudy and wipes clean with a paper towel you need to check your water softener to ensure it has been topped up and is working properly.

If your glassware appears to be dirty and is leaving brown residue check your detergent and rinse aid levels check the cabinet washer has been cleaned then renovate to bring them back.

Use a clean dry glass for every drink servedStack glasses on top of each other
Ensure you leave glasses for 30 minutes before use after washingstore inverted on smooth impervious surfaces
store glasses in a cool dust free conditions in a ventilated surface Use perfumed detergent or polishes on glassware
Empty any remaining product or fruit in to the sink/bin before placing in glass washer Use your glass washer for anything other than glasses it will create grease build up
Rinse cream products from glassware such as baileys or Guinness before washing Never dry or polish glasses with a cloth it is unhygenic spreads germs and leaves deposits on the inside of the glass
Remove lipstick marks before putting the glass through the wash not after


To check if your glass is truly clean fill it with water dry the outside of the glass then tip the water out and turn the glass upside down the remaining water should create a wave effect as it slides down the glass (like watching a Guinness settle) if it spots on the inside it is dirty.