1. Another nice simple game which can be played by tow players or teams.
  2. Throw for bull to see who bats or bowls first closest chooses
  3. Decide how many wickets you wish to play 11 is standard or 5 for quick cricket
  4. The bowler throws first he must aim at the bull, if he hits the outer you remove one wicket the center is two wickets.
  5. If he throws a treble or outside the treble ring these count as runs to the batsman.
  6. After the three darts are bowled the batsman takes his turn to score as high as possible, runs only count after a score of 40 is
  7. reached ie if you score 52 with three darts 12 is added to your runs, if 39 is scored then no runs are added.
  8. If a batsman hits the bull or outer then wickets are removed.
  9. Play continues until the bowler takes all wickets and a final score is reached
  10. Bowlers and batsman then swap and they start again
  11. The winner is the player with the most runs after all wickets are taken.