You need a deck of cards, beer, and any number of people who are willing to play.

Spread the cards out in a go fish style in the center of the table.

Whoever is going first picks a card placing it in front of them the next person then tries to pick a higher valued card if they do the first player drinks 1 if not player 2 drinks 1

Everyone keeps pickingĀ  in turn trying to beat the previous player until everyone has a card.

Play then continues but you have to beat the player both sides of you, if you pick a card that is the same as either the one to the left or right, both players drink the amount shown on the card
(J=11 Q=12 K=13 A=14).


P1 picks a 5

P2 draws a 4 – P2 drinks 1

P3 draws a Jack – P2 drink 1

P4 draws a 7 – P1 and P4 drink 1

P1 draws a 10 – P2 and P4 drink 1

P2 draws a 10 – P1 and P2 drink 10

…and so on until all cards are gone.

You can add a “Messy Pile” rule if you can see a number on somebodys pile and its not there top card they drink double