You Will Need:

2 dice
1 empty beer box/hat/traffic cone
2 or more people (preferably more)

How to Play:

Players sit around a table and roll the dice in turn.
Dice Totals:

2 – Double odds/evens rules begin, see below
3 – Person to left of roller drinks three fingers.
4 – Penalty shots. Roll one dice, that’s how many shots are done.
5 – Roll one dice again, that’s the number of fingers players drink for everyone
6 – Make up a rule.
7 – Thumbs up on table, last one in drinks.
8 – Penalty drinks. Roll dice, that’s how many fingers are drunk.
9 – Person to the right of roller drinks three fingers.
10 – Bathroom break (until you roll a 10 you don’t leave the table) 5min max
11 – Dunce
12 – Dunce, see below

Double Evens (i.e. two 4’s): Roller drinks (on top of any other applicable rules)

Double Odds (i.e. two 3’s): Everybody drinks (on top of any other applicable rules)

Dunce: If you roll an 11 or 12 you must wear the chosen item of head ware until either you roll another 11 or 12 (in which case it is taken off) or until someone else rolls an 11 or 12 (in which case it is given to the roller). When you are the dunce you must drink whenever someone else drinks (excluding penalty shot).

Dice Off Table: If you are annoying enough to roll one or both dice off the table, take the dice that were rolled off, and roll them again. This is the number of full shots that you must drink. Eg: You roll both dice off table. You roll again and get a total of 12. You must drink 12 shots.