Enterprise Help Poppy Appeal

Enterprise Inns are continuing to forge links to the Royal British Legion by launching a new beer called, Poppy, which will donate 10p per pint for the annual appeal.

In recent years Help For Heroes has taken some of the attention away from the Legion, which has helped ex-servicemen and their families for many years, so it is nice to see them being brought centre stage again for a while.

The Old Talbot Pub in Main Street, Hilton in South Derbyshire has announced there will be 20p donated for every pint of ‘Poppy’ sold in it, which somehow seems so much more generous.

All Enterprise publicans can order the ale from 22nd October. The brewer, Charles Wells Brewery, describes it as a: “crisp, nutty, amber bitter with great flavour. There are heaps of fresh, green Challenger hops above toasted toffee malt, with a real quenching finish.”

The beer has been brewed using natural mineral water and is 3.6% ABV. It is only available in Enterprise Inns. All publicans ordering the beer will be given free point-of-sale materials such as pump clips, drip mats and posters.

Enterprise Inns / Burton Mail