Every Storm Has A Silver Lining

The island of Portland in Dorset has seen a great many storms in its time, with some very bad, headlining ones in recent years. In the last few days Storm Imogen hit the island bringing tumultuous seas yet again.

Jackie Breakspear, the landlady of The Cove House Inn, which made the headlines in 2014 when the bedrooms were flooded after slates were torn off its roof, is now more prepared for the bad weather. She has shutters that go across the windows during the worst of the weather.

She has noticed, however, that the publicity has brought in a lot more customers, with people turning up at 8am to see the spectacular waves of the most recent storm. With the fire lit and a Portland welcome for everyone (it is one of the friendliest places I have ever been to) it is definitely the place for the keen photographer and storm watcher.

One thing is certain; it is safer inside The Cove House Inn than out during the storms. Yesterday someone visited the pub after travelling more than 50 miles to see Storm Imogen in action. You can’t fight nature but you can turn it to good advantage by being ready to welcome customers at any time!

Dorset Echo