February Suggestions

Dryanuary is behind us; everyone has detoxed and is ready for 2016. Time now to catch up with friends down the pub and perhaps try something new! Here are a few suggestions.

Firstly, for craft beer lovers, there is one that has made it to the UK from Freemantle in Australia via Aspalls. It is called Little Creatures (5.2% ABV) and is a pale ale made from loads of hop ‘flowers’ from across the globe. They have balanced this with “speciality malts and a local malt” to give it a distinctive bitter flavour, which has then been conditioned with live yeast for freshness and character that the brewers believe is unmatched.

The second suggestion is a whisky. Following the resurgence in popularity of rums and then gins, it seems only right that whisky now takes its turn. All the Talisker whiskies have a very distinctive peaty, smoky flavour because they burn peat while the malting process is happening. The distillery, which is the only one on the Isle of Skye, has it’s doors opening out to a view of the sea and the saltiness in the air also makes its way into the product.

Why not try Talisker Storm with its spicy, peppery notes if you like a whisky that is complex and rich in its flavours. It needs to be savoured as it is drunk to really enjoy all the subtle tastes. Apparently it goes well with Haggis because they are both spicy and peppery. Talisker Storm has been around for a while but Talisker Skye was released last year is described as having a smoky sweetness to it, with the hint of the sea and spiciness too.

There are so many different types of whisky out there to try with something to suit most, if not all, palates. Glenlivet is totally different to any of the Talisker range. Glenlivet Founders Reserve is one that is for sharing with friends, something to be drunk while chatting or partying. It has much less of a peaty flavour and is less intense like all the Glenlivet range. It smells and tastes clean, is slightly fruity with a hint of pear in it.

Lastly, for the cocktail lovers out there, how about trying the Superman cocktail? The film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film is due out soon, so this could go down very well. It is visually stunning but relatively easy to do and comes in the Superman colours.

To make it add 1 msr of Grenadine to an ice filled glass. Into a shaker put 1 msr of Archers, 1 of vodka and 1 of blue curacao and mix them. Gently put this mixture onto the top of the grenadine so that it layers. Top it off very carefully with lemonade and then garnish with a twist of lemon in the shape of the Superman S.


malts.com / Evening Standard