1. Players take turns to throw a dart with there non throwing hand at the board to choose there number once numbers are chosen you take turns to hit your number until killer is written next to your name the single number equals one letter double two letters and treble three, once you are a killer you can throw at your opponents numbers each time you hit a letter is removed the doubles again count as two and trebles three until there letters and aim number are removed.
  2. The winner is last player left
  3. Advanced rules can include any of the following but you must decide before you playIf when throwing to choose your number you hit a treble or double or bull that is your number and no trebles or doubles count throughout the game
  4. If you are a killer and hit your own number then you remove one from your self ie if you have kille scored and hit a double this would count as one on one of and you stay the same if you had hit a treble one would go on and two would come off leaving you with kill
  5. If you are not yet a killer and hit a number of another player who is you remove one from yourself