Licences that will be required

Personal Licence
This must be held by the DPS and is obtained after doing an appropriate course and gaining the required qualification an application may then be sent to the local licensing authority…….

Premises Licence
The licence is issued by the local authority / licensing board for the area in which the premises is located and will come in two parts. the comprehensive licence and the licence summary.

Licences that may be required

TV licence
If there is a television sited within the commercial areas of the premises there will be needed a separate television licence to the one designated for the domestic areas

PRS licence
A Performing Right Society licence is needed for the live performance or public playing of copyright music by any means.

Live radio/tv broadcasts and the playing of background music are generally not classed as regulated entertainment, and therefore are not classed as licensable activities under the premises licence . However a PRS licence will be needed.

PPL licence
A Phonographic Performance Limited licence is needed for the playing of recorded copyright music by for example, DVD or CD player or jukebox. therefore in most circumstances where background music is played both a PRS and PPL licence is required.
A Video Performance Licence is required for the copyright music content of video tapes DVDs or data streamed in such items as video jukeboxes.