Line Cleaning

Line cleaning is an important part of keeping good quality beers. Line cleaning should be completed every seven days. This will prevent growth of bacteria and build-up of yeast.

Turn of remote coolers
Turn off gas to individual lines
Fill the cleaning bottle with water
Clean head couplers
Connect the couplers to the line cleaning ring
Flush fob detectors with water
Pull water through the lines
Add the line cleaning fluid in the correct ratio as stated on the product bottle, ensure PPE is worn
Pull the line cleaning fluid through the pumps
Wait ten minutes
Completely refresh the line, if you run two pint lines then two pints should be pulled through all your pumps
Wait ten minutes
Refresh lines again
Wait 10 minutes
Drain cleaning bottle and flush refill with fresh water(if possible use separate bottles)
Flush fob detectors
Flush lines with at least 8 pints of water per line
Use litmus paper to ensure no line cleaner is left if there is flush again
Reconnect the kegs
Turn gas back on