Liquid Hell

  1. Place cards in five rows.
  2. Two in the first, three in the second, four in the third, three in the fourth, and two in the fifth.
  3. Deal out the remaining cards evenly between the players.
  4. Turn over a card in the first row.The players with the same numbered card place it on top and gives orders to drink as there are cards in that row (eg picks two people to drink if in the first row,three if the second etc)
  5. After you go through all the rows the person with the most cards left has to go through Liquid Hell
  6. Shuffle all the cards and lay 10 in a row
  7. The loser then has to turn the cards over one at a time without hitting a picture card if he does he must drink the required amount and that card is replaced with the next from the deck,this continues until they turn all 10

  • Jack – two drinks, add two cards
  • Queen – three drinks, add three cards
  • King – four drinks, add four cards
  • Ace – five drinks, add five cards