Maintaining the coolers

Your remote cooler and secondary coolers should be maintained regularly and it is good practice to include them in your weekly cleaning schedule. Failure to maintain increases running costs, shortens life and reduces effectiveness however it is one of the most commonly overlooked cleaning practice.

Ensure vents are free from obstructions at all times

Clean vents from dust build up ideally hoover

Check water levels every seven days, normally your remote cooler will have a maximum/minimum guide easily visible secondary coolers need to be filled until water trickles from the overflow.

Visually check all connections for leaks

If you notice a slime build up on pipes connections it is normally due to poor insulation this can happen under the bar or in the cellar. most coolers are maintained by the company that owns your lines and repairs/improvements will be carried out by one of there engineersĀ  once any issues are reported free of charge.


As coolers expel heat and the largest is normally in your cellar try to channel the expelled air out or at least away from the areas you store your products allowing the main cellar cooler to work less.