New Café Bar to Open in Birmingham

Davenports brewery, founded in 1829 in Birmingham and taken over by Empire Star in 2006, is to launch it’s first bar in over 30 years. The firm have secured a lot of investment money to expand and revamp the property it owns.

The new bar will, providing planning permission is agreed, be in the building that was previously a Police Station and it will be called Dares Café. Dare’s Southend Brewery was founded back in 1927 in Balsall Heath and was bought out by Davenports in 1962. Davenports now use the name for their craft beer brand.

Dares Café will serve craft beer, cocktails and coffee together with “grill style street food” opening onto the Golden Square area. It is hoped that they will be open by the spring. There will be other beers in lots of different styles and from many countries to go with the food, not just local beer.

They will face some competition from established outlets in the area including an existing café and a popular pub. However it is expected that the bar will be among the first in the city to sell “brewery fresh tank beer”. The beer will be brought from the brewery and sold from 500 litre tanks that have been hung from the ceiling.

There will be a second café bar in Moseley later this year and Davenports hope that this is just the start of their brewery expansion plans. The first two café cars will provide more than 20 jobs to the area.

Birmingham Mail