You need a deck of cards.

  1. To choose to see who goes first play high card. The person with the highest card of the group gets to either go first or he/she chooses who goes first.
  2. Now everyone has played Pairs when they were a child, well the setup is the same.
  3. Lay the deck spread out and faced down.
  4. Now the group of people sits down in a circle around the cards, and the person selected to go first simply plays the game.
  5. If that person is successful he/she gets to select a person to drink a shot or a finger of beer.If they get a matching pair of the same color (i.e. a 7 of hearts and a 7 of diamonds), then they get to have 2 people drink or 1 person drink twice. If the person is unsuccessful, then they have to drink a shot or a finger of beer, and the person to their left goes.


If you’re caught trying to cheat you have to drink three shots or down 2 beers, before the game resumes, and it’s your turn.
I suggest to get more than 2 people to play, so the alcohol consumption is shared, however a minimum of 2 people is required.

Also, shots are preferred to beers because of the high alcohol content.