Premises Displays

Items that must be displayed in the premises are:

The Licence summary

This is issued by the local authorities or licensing board for the area and summarises the hours, activities and conditions stated on the comprehensive premises licence

A5 DPS Poster

A small sheet stating the DPS for the premises in question

Current price list

An up-to-date listing of all products on sale with correct prices – this must be altered as soon as a price increase is implemented, all prices must be VAT inclusive and any extra charges must be indicated either as an amount or a percentage of the price.

Weights and Measures Notice

A simple statement showing what size measures you sell your spirits at.  Remember you cannot mix 35ml and 25ml sales.

Visible Smoking Signage

Clearly visible no smoking signs must be visible with a designated smoking area with signage should be clearly defined.

Items that must be on the premises

Full Premises Licence
Issued by the local authority/licensing board for the area in which the premises located, containing hours the premises can trade, the hours licensable activities can be conducted, the types of licensable activities permitted and the terms and conditions under which the premises can operate.Completed Fire Risk Assessment

This is a written document identifying fire hazards and those at risk

Accident/Incident Book

A record book that must have detachable pages that is kept in a secure place

DPS Authorisation Sheet

This is a list of all staff authorised to sell alcohol in the presence or absence of the DPS


Download the PDF here for reference