Technology Boost to Stroud Brewery

Stroud Brewery based in Thrupp near Stroud in Gloucestershire has invested in the latest technology. It is in the form of a smart device or app, which will enable staff to monitor the brewing process at the brewery, without actually needing to be physically present.

No longer science fiction but science fact! The Internet of Things (IoT) or ‘connected world’, which allows the electronics, software and sensors to gather information and share it with others, will make it possible for the brewery owner and his staff to monitor the brewing process from anywhere with internet access through a mobile phone or tablet.

In the brewery on the wall there is a touch screen, this is the control centre from which the staff control the brewery machinery. When the new app is up and running they will be able to see the same panel on the phone or pad and will be able to change the temperatures on the fermentation vessels or switch something on or off.

At least they won’t have to battle through difficult weather conditions just to make sure everything is running smoothly. This must be a positive in ensuring consistency.

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